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Dashboard consists of basic information and the description of your application. Customized dashboard helps the user to include more widgets. Once a widget is created you can drag and drop as and when it is needed. After creating a dashboard you can further configure it to view first ‘N ’number of widget its refresh time and more. Application report data is also displayed in the dashboard.

Many people think that reports and dashboards are similar. But that is not true. They both are used for the purpose of data communication yet they are so different from each other. Dashboards provide quick and instant information about the status whereas Reports are more detailed in nature. Reports take a lot of time to grasp but dashboards gives information instantly. Reports convey the information in more of a story fashion but dashboards communicate specifics and can be monitored quickly. Dashboards are effective communicators in a very short period of time. In order to get information about a particular business it is enough to view its dashboard for some quick information and it can be supported by reports.

If you are looking for one step solutions for customizing your dashboard, we are here to help you. Baryon Media Pvt. ltd delivers highly effective customized business dashboard.

We effectively convert highly complex data in to simple dashboard that can enable you to take quick and right decisions. We help you in creating Dashboard in Excel. Excel is the most flexible tool in creating reports. Excel Dashboard helps to give an overview of the business. Bulky documents and slides are replaced with customized dashboard. In a nutshell it acts as a screenshot of information.

Dashboards work as a perfect tool to communicate with your investors.

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