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If you want to maximize leads from your site and thus increase sales for your company then Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is the way forward.

Here are reasons enough why PPC will work for you:

  • The leads are qualified instantly leading to desired sales
  • The results are measurable
  • The costs are adjustable
  • Well, let’s begin with a basic question. How do people find answers online? With over 14 billion searches online in a month, Pay per click management allows you to place your product or service directly in front of prospects who are actively seeking it.  So, how can we become more visible in a cost effective manner?


    Let us help. We at Baryon Media have the knowledge and expertise in this field to choose the most profitable keywords, maximise the highest converting PPC ads and landing pages, manage your bids to maximize ROI, and create reports to let you know exactly how your Pay Per Click advertising campaigns are performing.


    So how does PPC Work?

    In Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, advertisers pay for visitors who click on their ads and leading to their website, on a Cost Per Click (CPC) basis. PPC advertising is focused and targeted because PPC ads will only display in relevant searches. This means that only people who look for your product or service will get to see the ad.

    There are Two PPC Advertising Models: Search and Content Networks


    Search Networks:

    There are mainly three major search engines: Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft Bing.

    PPC advertisements could also be found in the search engines. These are labelled as “Sponsored Links” and they appear above and adjacent to organic search listings on search engines.



    Content Networks:

    For content networks, these PPC advertisements are matched with the keywords in website content. These could be excellent source of sales and leads. They need a skilled practitioner to be created and optimized or else they will spiral out of control.

    These are the best practices that we follow.

  • We choose the best keywords
  • We create PPC Ads and Landing Pages; converting visitors to leads and sales
  • We optimize your bids
  • We commit to on-going optimization
  • We measure results
  • We make sure your PPC campaign delivers
  • We help you manage your costs
  • We put highly targeted placement
  • Call us to discuss how we can help you optimize your campaigns?

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