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Webtrends have powered many big companies with their digital marketing outcomes. Their devoted staff helps their clients to achieve a thorough understanding of their customers. They help them focus on the target customers with relevant messages. Webtrends are highly instrumental in measuring and optimizing the performance of the campaigns. The clients can actually visualize the data that drives the business. Their diverse products and services include the behavior and the segmentation of the customers. Webtrends also includes testing and optimizing mobile and social apps. It provides real time web analytics across various sections like web, social and mobile platforms. They help many big companies improve their digital marketing in their various campaigns.

Webtrends analytics:
At Baryon Media, we offer Webtrend analytics both in the form of software or service provider models. With Webtrends, we can provide highly sophisticated and extremely user friendly insights for every department in your organization. We have a complete solution for improvising your client’s campaigns and search engine optimization. With Webtrends we help marketers to make effective decision with their web results. We also offer cost effective services by assisting you in minimizing your infrastructure expenditures. We will update on a monthly basis with a summary report on key statistics and recommendations in a very user friendly format.

Webtrends tracking:
With Webtrends we can automatically track the primary and the sub-domains of the visitors. First party cookie is stored in the primary domain with the leading dot which makes it readable for sub domains too. Third party cookie is set to the collection server in order to track cross domains. Using Webtrends we can provide valuable information by tracking the campaigns. It helps the marketers and advertisers to get an insight in understanding the channels that is most effective in driving the visitor and whether the visits are positively converted.

Using Webtrends web analytics data driven targeting, oversight is avoided and websites are well optimized in order to reach measurable gains!

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